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Forensics Online Course

Forensics Online Course

Forensics Online Course

Forensics Online Course It is crucial that the education and training of forensic scientists provide such a strong scientific background and a comprehensive base in criminalistics since forensic experts who operate both at the crime scene and in the laboratory frequently need to be used in court. With the ability to provide significant information regarding the evidence discovered at crime scenes, forensic science is an essential tool for the detection or investigation of crime as well as the administration of justice. Forensics Online Course The trustworthiness of those results depends on the knowledge, education, and experience of the forensic scientists who obtained them. A forensic scientist must be able to use a variety of skills and expertise when analysing, reporting on, and presenting evidence in court. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for

Course Contents:

  • Forensics Online Course Basics, ethics, rules, laws, procedures, cross examinations, and forensic sciences investigating the crime scene (collecting evidence from the crime scene); Examining and analysing physical evidence, using a microscope to identify hair and fibres for forensic purposes, toxicology, forensic medicine, DNA, and serology
  • Documents that have been questioned and impressions such as tool marks, fingerprints, and handwriting
  • Explosives, firearms, arson, and the investigation of Forensics Online Course bombings (Ballistics)
  • Theories of Criminology; The Criminal Justice System; Criminal Profiling; How to Be Your Own Private Investigator;
  • Introduction to Crime, Criminology, and Laws White collar crime, political crime, property crime, violent crime, crimes against women and children, drug addiction and crime, forensic psychology, anthropology, engineering, entomology, and other crucial concerns…


Course / Certification TypeFee (INR) Indian StudentsFee (USD) International StudentsMax. Duration
Short Term Certificate (No Exam) in Forensic Sciences and Criminology5000 Rs.100 USD02 Months
Advanced Certification in Forensic Sciences and Criminology10,000 Rs.200 USD06 Months
PG Certification in Forensic Sciences and Criminology15,000 Rs.300 USD12 Months
Certification (Expert/Gold) in Forensic Sciences and Criminology20,000 Rs.400 USD06 Months
Professional Specialized Certification in Forensic Sciences and Criminology30,000 Rs.600 USD12 Months
Universal Certification in Forensic Sciences and Criminology35,000 Rs.750 USD12 Months

NOTE 1: Students from abroad or outside of India will be charged an additional $200 if they want printed notes, books, or reference materials sent to them by courier or mail. (Optional).

Special Note: The Indian postal service will be used to send study materials, as well as mark sheets and Forensics Online Course certificates. International students studying outside of India must pay separate courier fees if private courier services are needed to provide study materials, grade reports, and certificates. (Students can send us prepaid envelopes or pay for shipping labels online and send us the barcodes and labels.)

NOTE 2: Forensics Online Course  Students enrolling in courses lasting longer than six months may pay their course fees in no more than two payments; however, a Rs. 750/USD 20 fee will apply. (Optional) 

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